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The achievements of Eric Pulier September 1, 2017

Eric Pulier is a columnist, entrepreneur, philanthropist, published author, technologist, public speaker, and founder of more than fifteen successful companies. These business ventures have helped him make millions of dollars. As he helps to transform the revolutionary technology available today, he also assists entrepreneurs to bring their ideas to reality. He offers advice on how to achieve one’s goals by having passion in the business being practiced. He has always been passionate about technology, which led him to realize that he could make a difference in this sector. He also realized that ideas are not of any relevance if they cannot reach the larger industrious market.

To ensure continuous capital flow, Mr. Pulier is constantly in search of new ideas from which he can make investments. He holds interviews with forwarding thinkers and listens to their ideas. If they are relevant and life changing, he assists the entrepreneur to bring up their business by investing in them. With the help of the skill to read people, he can determine a passionate business person from one who is not serious. Therefore, he assists those who seem committed to their ideas, thus helping them to achieve success.

Eric Pulier is a very optimistic man. Thus he has had faith in all of his ideas. What has ever caused him to worry is figuring out ways on how to manage his business ventures. As much as he has never doubted the success of any of his ideas, he has been highly concerned about how to make it through learner situations. As a result of these struggles, he has been able to achieve tenacity to survive through the thick and thin situations. One of the major challenges he faces is selecting the most suitable company for the next investment. To determine the best, it takes a lot of time and plenty of resources. A high level of diligence is also required in the search for new investment and acquisition for more info about us: click here.

Mr. Pulier is a father of four and resides in Los Angeles with his amazing family. He offers assistance to children suffering from chronic illnesses through The Painted Turtle organization. He is also a member of Board of the X PRIZE Foundation.

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Contribution of Omar Yunes in the Business World August 30, 2017

Omar Yunes is a great entrepreneur, and he is known to be famous in the family political activities. His hard work and pragmatic skills in the field of business have earned him the recognition of the best franchise across the globe. The major events that he operates in Mexico are restaurant franchises which are under Sushi Itto brand. He has expanded his level of business up to thirteen branches which are based in Veracruz and Puebla.

The brand that Omar Yunes has created has won the trust of many clients and runs several restaurants alone in the Mexico. The team of experts that are employed within his business has made a huge impact in the entire South America in the major countries that he operates such as Panama and Honduras. The primary target of the Sushi Itto is to mark the point of innovation that will give the right direction all the operation within the business. This has made the deferent departments coordinated well and make the business flow along the expected line of revenue making.

Omar Yunes has helped the brand achieve the growth through motivation on matters that are related to the leadership and teamwork. The award that he won made the turning point within his business as it boosted the morale of the experts who are under the operation of the firm. The policies of the company are crafted first and then passed through the series of analysis by the experts before finalizing them to the implementation stage. Additionally, there is a measure of upstream growth that acts like a weighing device on the rate of the goals achievements.

Omar Yunes, through his efforts in the field of entrepreneurship, was recognized for being the most influential in impacting the relationship the exist between the brand and the franchisees. This also put the country of Mexico in the map of the world on matters of commitment in fostering the excellence in customer serving and hospitality. Omar ability to run business started way back in his tender age up to the age of 21 when he signed up a deal with Sushi Itto. His in-depth knowledge of running the business has leverage the experience in handling challenges that arise along the way.

Omar Yunes is a pragmatic and killed businessman that has run several businesses successful in Mexico.

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Mini pups love the flavor of Beef BenefulIncredibites August 29, 2017

Your small sized adult dog will love the big flavor that they will get in each and every bite of Purina BenefulIncrediBites. The mini sized dry dog food kibble that is made with real farm-raised beef as the main ingredient will have your pup begging for more. In addition to fresh beef, peas and carrots are also added to increase the nutritional value and the taste. Each cup contains 27 grams of protein to keep bones and teeth healthy and strong. In addition, there are23 essential minerals and vitamins found in every serving. You can confidently serve Purina BenefulIncrediBites at every meal to your adult pint sized pup. A 15.5 pound size bag is available in most local retail stores or online for under $15. For best results, store this food in a dry place. There is a money back guarantee on the package, so there is no financial risk to you if your small dog does not totally enjoy this easy to chew mini bite-sized kibble and to know more

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USHEALTH Group’s Troy McQuagge wine Most Innovative CEO of the Year August 28, 2017

President and CEO of USHEALTH Group, Inc, Troy McQuagge, has been awarded the gold award as the Most Innovatice CEO of the Year: Insurance in the preeminent CEO World Awards®. This sought after award includes all of the best innovation, new products and services, leadership, organizational performance, milestones, corporate social responsibility, and CEO case studies from all of the word in every major industry. Public and private organizations, from the largest to the smallest, are eligible to be nominated or submit a nomination including new start-ups and not-for-profit and for-profit.

McQuagge was elected Executive VP and Chief Marketing Officer of USHEALTH Group, Inc. in November of 2013. In 2014, he was promoted and elected to serve as President and Chief Executive Officer that also included other subsidiaries of USHEALTH Group including Freedom Life Insurance Company of America.

With 33 years in the insurance industry, McQuagge previously worked as the President and CEO of HealthMarkets Agency Marketing Group achieving over $1 Billion in annual sales after becoming President in 2007. After receiving his B.A. degree in 1983 from the University of Central Florida, he began his career with Allstate Insurance Company that same year. Read more: Troy McQuagge Honored as Most Innovative CEO of the Year: Insurance in the Annual 2016 CEO World Awards and Troy McQuagge Honored as Winner in the Annual 2016 CEO World Awards CEO of the Year: Insurance

McQuagge became a member of the Student Insurance Division of United Insurance Companies Inc. (UICI) in 1995 and was elected President at UGA in 1997. After UICI was purchased by private equity investors in 2006, the company became HealthMarkets, and McQuagge was put in charge of marketing and sales efforts for their self-employed group.

Mr. McQuagge was named President and CEO of USHEALTH Group, Inc. in 2011 and has since led the company through its largest sales growth trajectory that includes record profits over the past four years consecutively. Now, USHEALTH Group, Inc. is ten times larger as a result and since 2010, USHEALTH Group, Inc. has a share price that has increased 1,093%.

McQuagge expressed his gratitude state that the awards recognition was a testament to USHEALTH’s commitment to innovation and excellence.

The products that USHEALTH Group, Inc. provide give their customers incredible value while also providing a remarkable opportunity for their captive career agents. McQuagge felt privileged that he could say he was associated with such an innovative company.

The CEO World Awards honor Companies and CEO’s off categories and sizes in Asia-Pacific, Middle-East, North America, Africa, Europe, and South America.

The Annual CEO World Awards also includes other programs that such as Customer Sales and Service World Awards, Network Products Guide’s IT World Awards, Pillar World Awards, Consumer World Awards, Fastest Growing Private Companies Awards, Customer Sales and Service World Awards, PR World Awards, and Info Security’s Global Excellence Awards. Learn more about Troy McQuagge:

Based in Ft. Worth, Texas, the USHEALTH Group, Inc. is an insurance holding company that focuses on giving innovative health coverage to small business owners and self-employed individuals.

With a goal to mix profitable and market competitive insurance products with the talents of its agents and employees, USHEALTH provides excellent customer service in every facet of the company’s operations.

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Before venturing into the world of business, Cassio Audi was a renowned musician. His early years were spent in music and were full of excitement. He was known well for by heavy metal fans especially the young generation.

When the Brazilian metal band Viper was founded, each member was given a role and Cassio was given the role of a drummer which he played with a lot of professionalism. He was respected for his role by the rock fans and also for spreading heavy metal to Latin America. He together with his band colleagues was praised for both talent and skills.

Apart from being a drummer in the band, Cassio wrote one of the songs for the Soldiers of Sunrise album which marked his last appearance in the band. The album became very famous among heavy metal fans in the late 1980’s. Up to date, it continues to be the most popular album done by the band.

Cassio contributed a lot toward the development of the band and was also featured in two of the band’s albums. Cassio had joined Viper as a teenager and practiced his music career in the band for nine years until when he left in 1989 after feeling that his time to be in the band had come to an end. The band, however, continued even after Audi left and released another album called Theatre of Fate.

Although it is said that Cassio was so good with drums and could have prospered in it, he left to pursue a career in business. He began by joining University to do a degree in business administration and later enrolled for an MBA in Finance at the University of Sao Paulo. Audi is now an advisor in the stock exchange and also has experience in real estate.



Sheldon Lavin’s Accomplishments With OSI Group August 20, 2017

Sheldon Lavin is a respected figure in the food processing industry. At the moment, the businessman works at the prestigious OSI group as the chief executive officer and chairman. Sheldon started career in food industry more than forty years ago, and he has been influential in very many companies. Lavin has a lot of expertise in the competitive world, and this is why he has done so well in the past years. Before venturing into the food processing department, Sheldon was serving in banking world as executive and advisor in one of the biggest companies in the world. The businessman had a consulting company too.

Since his appointment to the respected OSI Group, Sheldon has been instrumental in making company one of the giants in the industry. At the moment, the company supplies different food products, and its success is attributed to the businessman. The company has also expanded its various operations to different nations in the world. Some of its subsidiaries include the International OSI Foods industries , OSI Group International and many others. The businessman serves as the leader of all the company operations.

Sheldon Lavin understands that it is impossible to reach the local communities in the world before establishing a relationship with the clients. When serving in the food industries, the investor knows that he has to give the consumer food supplies that match their tastes. This is why he has established different branches that learn about the locals. This simple technique ensures that the consumer is satisfied with whatever they are being offered.

The company has a team of professionals who work around the clock to meet the demands of the customer. As the chief executive officer of the private food processing company, the businessman has criteria of selecting the best professionals to make the company reach greater heights. The professionals are well qualified and experienced, and this has played a role in the success of the company. Under the leadership of the businessman, the food processing company has managed to acquire various food processing plants that are located in different regions. These plants cater for the growing demands of the company demands.

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“Dr. Jennifer Walden is Changing Lives”

Dr. Jennifer Walden was born in Austin, Texas to parents who were in the medical field. Her father was a surgeon and her mother a nurse, so it is no surprise they had an influence on her career choice.

She went to Andersen High School and after graduating, earned a Bachelor of Arts in Biology. Later on, she was admitted to the University of Texas Medical Branch, where she excelled in her studies, obtaining a Doctorate and delivered the Salutatorian speech at her commencement.

Upon receiving a fellowship at New York City’s Manhattan Ear, Nose and Throat Hospital, she worked with her mentor Dr. Sherrell Aston.

During her seven and a half years in New York, she was able to hone her skills in the field of aesthetic surgery, which became her specialty. Clinical trials, coupled with sharing information with other prominent physicians at the forefront of cosmetic surgery proved to be a huge advantage for Dr. Walden, as she would continue to expound on the various methods in her own practice.

Growing homesick and wanting her twin boys to grow up around family, she moved back to Austin and opened up plastic and cosmetic surgery business in Westlake Hills, Texas.

Here she would be a positive force in changing individual’s lives, by helping them to improve their appearance, so they are able to face the world with confidence. To know more about her click here.

Dr. Jennifer Walden specializes in multiple procedures, including:

* Male Breast Reduction

* Cheek Implants

* Vagina Rejuvenation

* Hair Restoration

* Skin Resurfacing

* Breast Lift

This list is just a small sampling of what she has to offer.

When Dr. Walden is not in her office and operating room, you will find her taking time out of her busy schedule to pursue her other passion, the role of a philanthropist.


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Oncotarget is changing the Globe August 12, 2017

Oncotarget is one of the most respected scientific journals in the world. The journal is known to be multidisciplinary, meaning that it publishes different academic subjects. The chief editors of the famous journal are Mikhail Blagosklonny and the famous Andrei V. Gudkov. These two individuals are known because of their skills in scientific research, and they have changed the lives of many students through their journal.

Since it was established, the scientific journal has covered some of the complex subjects in the industry. Some of these subjects include cancer, ageing, atherosclerosis, neurodegeneration, microbes, cancer cells and neurons. Thanks to Oncotarget, individuals in the international platform can access some of the latest advancements in the world.

The mission of the successful scientific journal is making some of the complex results available to the general republic in a fast and reliable way. The journal achieves its mission by making sure that the results and surveys are authentic before they have been published. When research is completed, several professors read it and makes sure that the content is not fake. This has earned the trust of many people around the world because everything posted is factual.

The professors associated with the Oncotarget journal are well experienced and qualified. These individuals have specialized in different subjects, and they have the knowledge to know the facts and lies. These specialists have played a fundamental role in the success of the scientific journal. Mikhail, one of the chief editors of the journal has been in the research industry for a long time, and he has contributed a lot, especially in the matters concerning cancer and ageing.

Just recently Mikhail and his team published some information regarding the use of the e-cigar. According to the journal, specialists at one of the prestigious universities had carried out a study, and the results proved that the use of the electronic cigars is not safe for the teeth and gums. Most of the individuals who smoke these modern cigars are prone to hazardous and fatal diseases. The journal states that the electronic cigars are harmful and should not be used by young people who consider them to be fashionable.

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Sheldon Lavin: The Force Behind OSI Group’s Success August 7, 2017

OSI Group is undeniably one of the biggest names in the meat industry today, not only in its region but also the world at large. Like with any successful business, behind these success is one humble yet highly experienced person, Sheldon Lavin. Despite having a successful career in this industry, Mr. Lavin came in the meat industry a total stranger. This however did not deter him from excelling.

Mr. Sheldon Lavin’s education and work background

OSI Group’s CEO and Chairman is a man who wears many hearts, however the one thing many people do not know about Mr. Lavin is that he is a trained and experienced financial consultant. Mr. Lavin is a Bachelor’s degree holder in Finance and Accounting. Before joining the company over 43 years ago, Sheldon Lavin was a financial consultant working with a bank and even had his own financial consulting boutique firm. How then did Mr. Lavin end up in the meat industry?

Sheldon Lavin’s journey in the meat industry dates back to 1970. During this period, Mr. Sheldon was an employee at a bank. After arranging financing for Otto & Sons, Mr. Sheldon was approached by his bank and requested to work with the company as their financial advisor. With no knowledge of the meat industry, Sheldon turned down the request, however, he continued to work for them as an outsider. After working for them for a couple of years, Mr. Lavin gained an understanding and appreciation for the industry and joined in as an equal partner in the company and that is in the late 1970s. Ever since then the OSI Group and Lavin’s story have never been the same. They have both grown from one success to another.

Currently the company employees around 20,000 people in all its subsidiaries. Thanks to Lavin’s leadership, he has been a candidate of most awards both industry related and from his contributions towards charity an initiative he enjoys doing.

About OSI Group:

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Talk Fusion; The All-In-One Video Marketing Solution

The Talk Fusion Company introduces first of its kind services that have begun to transform the business marketing sector. Talk Fusion provides unique and top of the line video solutions to companies and individuals in business. Therefore, enabling business owners and businesses boost their marketing techniques and consequently boost their sales returns. Under the leadership of their CEO, Bob Reina, the Talk Fusion and its team of experts have also introduced the Instant Pay Compensation Plan. This plan is the first of its kind in the world that purposes to transform the business sector from weekly and monthly paid commissions applied by most companies to a more instantaneous pay day.

How It Works

At an affordable rate you can use the Talk Fusion service to share business ideas, thoughts, charitable donations and seek opportunities with the use of videos. That is achieved through adding videos with relevant content to your emails, newsletters, webinars, blogs, and online chats among others. These videos are meant to captivate, attract and retain customers rather than bore them away. That is why the Talk Fusion team is dedicated to making these videos (which they use as marketing tools) to be as engaging, persuasive and memorable as possible. Learn more:

Benefits of the Talk Fusion Way

Being an affordable way of effective marketing the Talk Fusion service offers various benefits to businesses that embrace it. The assured benefit of using the Talk Fusion service is that your product will get the attention and you the intended results if not more. For instance, the engagement rates of a potential customer go up to 44% when a video is incorporated into a blog post or an email that they are reading. That has been realized to increase their chances of buying your product to up to 85% after watching it through your video. Learn more:

Conclusively, the Talk Fusion Company offers a dynamic yet simple way of gaining more clients and increasing one’s profits through marketing. It gives a business a sense of uniqueness and enables a convenient marketing strategy by the use of video technology.


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